Artwork > Cartographic Installations

These cartographic installations speak to the spatial and identity-rendering maps typically used to represent places, times, and ideological mind-sets. These cartographic imaginings evoke traditional elements of contemplation and exploration within frames of reference simultaneously surreal and personal.

While intended somewhat to convey direction, these geographies are more reflective of past episodes as were those of initial colonizing explorers – summarizing and naming spaces in images unnatural to them. As I struggle artistically to lay imperialistic claims to the internal forces that drive me, I play with this tension and use it to convey the personal journeys that have both narrated and facilitated my moments of transcendence. In direct contrast to the maps of current and historic realities, my cartographic visions are intentionally un-bound and layered, serving as a charting process of the multiple lenses and natural forces I have sensed at work within my journey at certain and powerful moments.

As with traditional cartographic practices, the realities of the moment seek the formal delineation and simultaneously cause us to resist it – elements I hope to render in contrasting visual styles and textually-diverse materials.